Neskonlith Indian Band Housing Committee

In December 2017, the Neskonlith Housing Committee was established. The Committee is made up of seven Band members, one Council representative (non-voting) and the Housing Coordinator (who serves as Chair).

Neskonlith Housing Commitee Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the purpose of the Housing Committee?
A: The purpose of the Housing Committee is to explore the impacts of housing decisions on the Community and its members, represent Community interests, and provide recommendations on housing matters.


Q: How many people make up the Housing Committee?
A: The Housing Committee has seven members who are members of NIB.

Q: What is the term of a Committee member?
A: The term of a Committee member is two years.

Q: What are the key requirements to become a member of the Committee?
A: To become a member of the committee, one must be a registered Band member of the Neskonlith Indian Band, be at least 18 years of age, live on-reserve, and be willing to participate in Committee meetings. One should also have a sincere desire to help serve the Band membership in a fair, transparent manner, and act in a non-judgmental fashion, not engage in nepotism, have a good knowledge of the needs of the Band in terms of housing, understand the Housing Policy, sign an Oath of Confidentiality, and abide by it. Committee members who occupy a Band rental unit, must adhere to the Housing Policy and be in good standing with Neskonlith Indian Band.

Q: What are the roles and responsibilities of the Committee?
A: The roles and responsibilities of the committee are to review and recommend changes to the Housing Policy, recommend housing allocations, and recommend actions to the Executive Director. Members should also prepare for meetings by reading relevant material. Committee members do not have decisionmaking authority when it comes to assigning rental homes to tenants.

Q: Who is the chairperson of the Housing Committee?
A: The NIB Housing Coordinator or designate is the Chair of the Housing Committee.

Q: If I am interested in becoming a member of the Committee, where do I find more information?
A: The Committee Terms of Reference is available at the Band Office and on the NIB website.

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