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The Neskonlith Indian Band is a First Nations community located south central part of BC

The Neskonlith Indian Band consists of three reserve land bases, which are located adjacent the Village of Chase and City Salmon Arm, British Columbia:


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Sk’atsin Resources

Contact: 250 679 3296

Website: https://www.skatsinllp.com/

Sk’atsin Resources Ltd. serves Neskonlith members by managing Neskonlith forestry tenures, protecting culture, heritage and natural resources through collecting Cultural Heritage assessment data, supporting larger scale business development activities to provide own source revenue to NIB from forestry tenures and create employment opportunities for members and associated members. SRL achieves these through a team approach, direct management of enterprises, developing Neskonlith capacity, establishing and operating a natural resources field services contracting company and investing surpluses in new business assessment and establishment.

Neskonlith Indian reserve #1

is located approximately 6 KM’s west of Chase on the west side of the south Thompson River, the old Kamloops Highway runs through Neskonlith IR 1 and the land-base size is 1280.4 Hectares.

Neskonlith Indian reserve #2

is located approximately 6 KM’s west of Chase on the east side of the south Thompson River, the Trans Canada Highway and CPR run through Neskonlith IR 2 and the land-base size is 989.3 Hectares.

Neskonlith Indian reserve #3

is located on the western boundary of the city of Salmon Arm. At our IR # 3 Switsemalph community the city of Salmon Arm has grown to immediately adjacent our community. The land-base size of Switsemalph IR # 3 is 517 Hectares.

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