Switzmalph Childcare Centre

Ann-Marie Hampel

– Administrator
(250) 679-3295

Switzmalph Child Care Centre
4501 1 Avenue SW
Salmon Arm, B.C.
V1E 2Y9

We Care for All of Our Children.

Switzmalph is dedicated to providing a safe and culturally inspiring environment to encourage the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language development of all ages and abilities of children.

Our staff strive to meet the diverse needs of the children in order to develop internal motivation, creative and flexible thinking skills, awareness of nature, and a sense of belonging in our community.

  • Our Childcare Centre is located at the cusp of the Switzmalph Forest in Salmon Arm B.C. We are fortunate to have a beautiful backdrop to our Natural Wooden Building.
  • Switzmalph came from vision to reality in 2020, opening our doors to the public, creating new childcare spaces in the Salmon Arm area. 
  • The Switzmalph Childcare Centre with a 100% wood DLT overhang for the Neskonlith Indian Band combines preschool, daycare and afterschool care services into one location for the residents of Salmon Arm and surrounding bands.
  • The childcare spaces maintain a connection to the outside environment by creating open and bright play spaces for the children.  The location of the playground takes advantage of the naturally sloping topography, mirrored in the unusual folded sloping shed roof with round perimeter.

Our Activities

Our Children are taught valuable life skills.

  • Learning Secwépemc Language
  • Learning Secwépemc Culture
  • Learning Sign Language
  • Independency Skills
  • Learning and Exploring
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Working with friends and sharing
  • Artistic Skills through Arts and Crafts
  • Planting, Growing and Cultivating
  • Exploring Nature
  • Sensory Activities
  • Stimulating Sight and Touch Senses
  • Pincher Skills
  • Learning to be helpful with everyday tasks
  • Learning how to Communicate and Understand

Always Learning Always Growing…..

At Switzmalph, learning is key.

  • Speaking and Sign Language
  • Secwépemc Language
  • Secwépemc Culture
  • Learning to Play
  • Learning Independence
  • Learning Discipline
  • Learning Structure
  • Cutting and Pincer Skills
  • Drawing and Writing Skills

Our Services

Currently we offer Full-Time and Part-Time Childcare to Children between the ages of 1 year and 5 years. 

  • Infant Room Coyote Pups    (12 month to 24 month): 
    • 12 Capacity
  • Toddler Room Wolf Pups   (24 month to 36 month):
    • 12 Capacity
  • Preschool Room Bear Cubs (36 month to 60 month):
    • 20 Capacity