Chief and Council

Neskonlith is a vibrant, healthy community that is prosperous, spiritual, self-reliant, self-governing committed to exercising inherent rights to the lands and resources in Secwepemculecw as Yucminte (Caretakers of the Land)

Tmicw Building

737 Chief Neskonlith Drive

PO Box 318

Chase, BC V0E 1M0

T: 250 679 3295

F: 250 679 3294

Our Core Values

Kweseltnews: We are all gamily and value respect in our relationships

Knucwetsuts: We value personal care through individual strength and responsibility

Etsxe: It is through our personal connection to the spiritual world that we recognize the value of our gifts.

Meueic: We value the process of renewal by living a balanced and healthy lifestyle

Council Meeting

Contact: Council Executive Assistant


T: 250 679 3295 ext 218

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Our Council Executive Assistant is responsible for:

  • All Chief & Council’s business contacts
  • Schedule all Council Meetings
  • Handles all requests for Delegates to present at Council meetings
  • Contacting all Delegates of any changes regarding Council Meetings

Please be aware our Chief & Council do NOT deal with day to day Administrative matters, please see Administration page and follow up with appropriate Director.  

Should you need assistance connecting with our Chief & Council we encourage making an appointment, you may call or email the Council Executive Assistant to arrange an appointment that fits your schedule.

Kukpi7 Judy Wilson
Chief Judy Wilson has an extensive media background in audio-visual production, book publishing, broadcast journalism and web planning. Her work experience includes; data technician, communications officer, project developer, news reporter, broadcast manager and marketing coordinator. She is nearing completion of the second year of a First Nations Public Administration program leading to a Master’s Degree in either Public Relations or Communications.

Chief Wilson is an advocate of language, culture, history, aboriginal rights and title for Sepwepemc communities. She was elected Chief in 2007 for Neskonlith Indian Band and has served on the Band Council for over ten years. In her current term, Chief Wilson is focusing on youth, traditional governance, caring for the land, ecological business solutions, and working relationships with local governance and the province and federal Crown. She is a member on many boards which include; Assembly of First Nations Comprehensive Claims Policy Committee, First Nations Technology Council, Small Business Roundtable, Secwepemc Health Caucus, Secwepemc Cultural Education Society, Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition/Rural BC and several other community-based committees.

Councillor Michael (Brad) Arnouse

I am councillor Brad Arnouse – I have a large extended family that reside mainly on Neskonlith. And I have worked for many bands and agencies such as the province and federal as well as consultants. Mostly in fisheries which I have a technology degree but have also worked in forestry, prospecting (mining), birds, and firefighting and archaeology. I Last finished off on surveying for the province before I got on council. To some extent I have also worked in the Emergency services and am familiar with the Incident command systems and have had a background in firefighting. In my years in natural resources I have come to respect the land and the water and the animals that live on the land.  I also done bird surveys that I had done in the North. My background in archaeology also helped me in my career out on the land for almost 25 years, also working with all 3 bands at on point or another in whatever capacity I could offer. My sectors are shelter, energy, emergency services, fisheries, and forestry.



Councillor Louis Thomas
Councillor Louis Thomas is an Elder, family man and a proud father of  one son four daughters and many grandchildren. Louis is fluent in Secwepemectsin and is very knowledgeable in the history, language, traditions and culture of our people.  He passes on to others the knowledge he has learned from his mother, the late Dr. Mary Thomas. Louis is presently focusing along with others to get a friendship centre going and doing preparation work for the reconstruction of the traditional village site on Switzmalph IR3.  Louis attends Chief and Council, Tmicw, and Sexqéltkemc te Secwepemc meetings.  He is also a Board member of the Ska’tsin Resources LLP.  And attends some meetings in Salmon Arm and the Village of Chase to ensure that he is knowledgeable of what is happening in the neighbouring communities.  He is well accepted at these meetings as he shares his knowledge and receives information and has input into what is happening in the communities around us.

Councillor Fay Ginther
I am married to Boyd Ginther, whom is Metis from Spruce Grove, Alberta. We have 4 boys from 13 years to 26 years old which are mine, yours and ours. We got married in 2009 but been together since 1998. We met in Edmonton, AB where I was in the banking business for Alberta Treasury Branch from 1991-2001.

I moved to Edmonton, AB in 1991 and worked for the Canadian Native Friendship Centre in which I left to work and train to become a Total Service Representative. As a TSR we opened and closed accounts, safety deposit boxes, multi-currency, RRSP’s, GIC’s and much more. I gained my experience of comprehensive planning while working for Alberta Treasury Branch. My work ethic I learned growing up from various leaders and elders in the community in which kept me as a front runner in the bank even though I was minority. To this day, I still carry strong work ethics.

In 2002, we moved our family back to BC to raise our children at home and away from the fast paced city. Originally, we moved to Oliver, BC to get to know a brother I never grew up with. Neskonlith Indian Band was where we moved; I was gone for quite a few years but ended up moving to Neskonlith IR#2 into a house on a corner lot. I was then employed for a short while with Neskonlith Indian Band as a janitor but was in search of work that would expand and fulfill my thirst for knowledge. In a nutshell, I learned many skills at Adams Lake Indian Band (12 years employed) such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Human Resources. In the 2014 year, I did a couple of months of Comprehensive Community Planning and then nominated as Council in 2015.

I have had many blessings in my life that has crossed my path, also a miracle as I watched my father Ken Saul get his lung transplant. This is where I learnt a lot of my teachings, elders and family that support me in many ways. I believe Tqeltkukwpi7 put us in the places we’re in now, because it is meant to be. Yes, there have been hardships but that only makes us stronger and wiser.

I am learning like the rest of you but if anyone has any advice to share in a positive way, please do not hesitate to get a hold of me and let’s work together, to find a solution.


Councillor Joan Manuel-Hooper
Joan has served two three-year terms since 2009 as Neskonlith Band Councilor. She embraces the past leadership and ancestors because without their actions that have set the foundation for the future, we would not be here today. She works every effort to hold up the legacy of our people in the territory. With the leadership, is guided by the strategic plan and mandated by our people. We have moved from a DIA Band to our own traditional governance. We need to keep consistency, experienced people in office to keep business inline for future benefits to our community.

In the past experience working at council level, Joan remains a firm believer in policy governance, fiscal responsibility, organizational structure, teamwork, sharing leadership roles. Programs knowledge and finance is essential in managing band service and programs.

We are responsible for oversight to administration, policies, bylaws, AANDC Band finances, and report regularly to council and work with administration.

Prior to this Joan had been working in various departments for the Band for many years.

Along with this Joan has gained experience & skills in these areas:

  • Title & Rights, Finance admin Nib, Federal/ Provincial programs.
  • Tmicw, Indigenous governance, Negotiations.
  • Creation of Business Corporation’s on/off reserve that are in operation today.
  • Project management. Finance/ Taxation/ Lead C.
  • Economic development, INAC programs, lands & designations.

Tmicw Sector

The focus has been to balance our future with past history, honour our people, preserve, protect our culture, stand up Title & rights.

  • Uphold Secwepemc protocols and laws by considering the consequences for the next 7 generations of our actions, decisions.
  • Strive to reunite our kinship ties with the Secwepemc Nation.
  • Build our Secwepemc government system through strengthening our heads of family systems.
  • Care for land by initiating traditional ecological values and knowledge of our people while restoring ecosystems.
  • Invite investment that is in alignment with social, economic, cultural and environment goals.

In balancing past and future she keeps up with education goals for her position for the council in growth, strength and knowledge in various political tables. Joan has always been a people person, along with the compassion for our community for healthy living and business opportunities that can create a self-sufficient way of living for all.

In asserting out Title & Rights in our territory we have made a huge step into traditional governance. Our council is working to generate own source revenues from developing our own economic development and pursuing territorial revenues through collective efforts of the Sexqeltkemc Te Secwepemc, our territorial division. Joan has served as political council table last four years and prior as a technical table since 2008 to the STS.

Served as: STS Liaison Team rep, STS council, STS finance committee rep, right of way team. Currently working on the CWA the Secwepemc Parties working group.

Joan has great compassion for community and enjoy my work and very dedicated to working for Neskonlith and making it a healthier, proud, happy place to live. Currently serving for the next 4 years of council.



Councillor Cora Anthony
I am Secwepemc and a member of the Neskonlith Band. I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

I moved to Neskonlith reserve in 1994, reside on Neskonlith reserve number one.  Since moving here, I have worked in areas of Communications, Program Coordinator for Trades programs and Counselling people in the areas of Employment issues, like what skills and training is required to gain and maintain a job. I enjoy this type of work and have gained many contacts in this line of work.

I have a Diploma in Public Administration and Criminology. I am certified as a Native Justice Worker and have completed almost two years as Mental Health Counsellor.

My focus as a Neskonlith Band Councillor is to get ahead and therefor have taken on the area of Prosperity, Trades, Education, Employment and Capacity Building. I also like to stick my nose into Title and Rights issues.

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