Kukstéc-kuc Tqelt Kukpi7 t’e skectec-kuc t’e tmicws-kuc

We thank you, Creator, for giving us this beautiful earth.

Emergency Updates

We're here to serve our community

Our Community

The Neskonlith Indian Band is a First Nations community located south central part of BC

Schools & Daycare
Investing in Neskonlith youth

Neskonlith Administration is committed to working together to promote a healthy relationship with our Neskonlith community.


Neskonlith Indian Band recognizes it is fundamental that every Neskonlith Member achieve the best education and employment opportunities.

Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness team are well trained and have years of experience across multiple areas.

Housing and Maintenance

Looking after the maintenance of units in the Social Housing Program, band owned buildings and community hall.


Supporting Neskonlith through a collaborative environment. 

Tmicw Operations supports and works collaboratively with Neskonlith Chief and Council
focusing on political issues, strategic planning, and governance
Gerry Thomas

Work Hard at whatever you do and share culture.

June Reeves (Momma)

Weytk, Le7 Xyum te Sitqt! Love you always. Take care of the Earth and you families. Love each other. Visit Elders in the family and community. Hugs for always.

Martin Sauls

Teach our young ones, hunting, fishing and gardening….and Don’t Drink!

Elders Wisdom

Our community together !!

To all my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren: keep up the good work of being your true and loving self. Always remember, God loves you. Love, Love, Love Mom / Grandma / Great Grandma – Shirley Anderson