Education and Training Support

Tomorrow’s leaders will have traditional values, as our leaders of yesteryears. – Emma Willard” 


Neskonlith Indian Band recognizes it is fundamental that every Neskonlith Member achieve the best education and employment opportunities. Our Education department is committed to ensuring Members have access to our services to support you in reaching your education and employment goals.

Education Building
741 Chief Neskonlith Drive
Box 301 Chase BC
Canada, V0E 1M0


T: 250 679 3295
F: 250 679 2968


Neskonlith Indian Band recognizes it is fundamental that every Neskonlith Member achieve the best education and employment opportunities.

Investing in Neskonlith youth

NEC provides an enriched environment where Secwepemc and Neskonlith culture and language are woven into the school schedule.

Education Director

Ken MacGillivray

Ph: 250-679-2963, EXT 220
Education Coordinator

Cassandra Kearley

Ph: 250 679 3295, EXT 239

Education Assistance is open to all Neskonlith Band Members and community status members living on Neskonlith lands who are in grades K-12.  Students attending school full time from September to June. An allowance may be available to subsidize the cost of school fees and school supplies.  To learn more about applying for Education Assistance reference the K-12 Application Form. Please feel free to contact the Education Department is you have any other questions regarding Education K-12 Assistance.

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Cassandra Kearley ren skwest, and I am the K-12 Education Coordinator at Neskonlith Indian Band. I am here to actively support students and their guardians in adjusting to school curriculums. I enjoy assisting students with their education and social development needs. I graduated Thomson Rivers University in the Education field in 2018 and continue to have a passion for learning.

Neskonlith K-12 Startup Form

Neskonlith Grad Checklist

Program Coordinator
Ph: 250 679 3295, EXT 219

Neskonlith Post-Secondary Support Program enables Neskonlith Members gain access to post-secondary education.

To learn more about applying for post-secondary assistance funds reference Post-Secondary application form.

To learn more about financial assistance reference the Post-Secondary Policy.

Neskonlith Post-Secondary Application

Neskonlith Post-Secondary Policy

Office Assistant

Joanne Buffalo

Ph: 250-679-2963, EXT 211
Education Assistant

Sarah Njootli

Ph: 250-679-2963, EXT 239

Neskonlith Education Centre (NEC) Mission 

To create a safe and inclusive learning environment that nurtures the courageous learning spirit in all our students through cultural revitalization, innovative land based learning and individualized learning objectives and opportunities. NEC staff, students, all our partners and knowledge keepers commit to honoring and respecting ourselves, each other, the lands, waters and life ways of the Secwepemc.

NEC provides the following services:

  • High school education for Grades 8 – 12.  
  • Adult Dogwood and Upgrading
  • Cultural Workshops and Secwepemc Language courses 
  • Weekly Knowledge Keeper Teachings
  • Employability preparation workshops & Training
  • On-Site Counselling 
  • Community Outreach Programs (Tree Planting and Pruning, Hampers for the Elders, Community Cleaning, etc…)

Motivators and Incentives:

  • One-on-One Instruction 
  • Flexible daily schedules, flexible timings  
  • Monetary Incentives for attendance, weekly schoolwork completion, course completion and grade completion. 
  • Adult Students Technology Grant