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Want to build, buy, or refinance a Home?

Neskonlith members have access to financing through the First Nation Market Housing Fund. This fund allows members to borrow money to build, buy, or refinance a home.

Program Details


All programs have a maximum amount of $ 200,000.


With a minimum 5% down payment there is a maximum amortization period of 25 years.

Lending Requirements

A conditional letter of support from the Band stating that the member is not in arrears or has outstanding debts to the Band. • Income statements and any debt load information • The monthly payments must not be in excess of 40% of the household’s income. • Additional requirements of the lending institution

Housing Policy
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Renovating Your Home
Build, Buy, or Refinance
Housing Committee

Merry Christmas

We bring to you an important update regarding our Christmas  support plan, courtesy of a collaboration effort between the Neskonlith Indian Band and Sk’atsin, our economic development corporation.