Annual General Meeting

Chase Community Hall, November 30th, 2023 (03:00 PM to 08:00 PM)



General Band Assembly

02:30 PM

Doors open

The doors will be open for attendees to arrive and enter the event venue.

03:00 PM

MC instructions and house rules

The Master of Ceremonies (MC) will provide attendees with instructions for the event and explain the house rules that need to be followed.

03:05 PM

Opening Prayer

A prayer will be led to commence the event, setting a respectful and inclusive tone.

03:10 PM


Hand drummers will perform a musical segment, showcasing their talent and providing entertainment for the audience.

03:20 PM

kukpi7 wai opening remarks

The kukpi7 wai (an individual of significance within the community) will give a speech or make introductory remarks to address the audience and officially open the event.

03:30 PM

Presentation of financials

A presentation will be given to share and discuss the financial aspects of the organization or event, providing transparency and accountability.

04:30 PM

Question period

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions related to the event, organization, or any other relevant topics. This session encourages engagement and clarifications.

05:00 PM


A meal will be served, allowing participants to take a break, socialize, and enjoy the provided refreshments.

06:00 PM

Chief and council reports

The Chief and council members will give reports and updates on the community’s affairs, highlighting key achievements, challenges, and future plans.

06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Door prize draws

Throughout this two-hour time period, various door prize draws will take place, offering attendees a chance to win prizes. This adds excitement and anticipation to the event.

We are profoundly grateful for your participation in our suggestion/feedback survey. Your insights and suggestions are the foundation of the exciting changes ahead. As your Chief and Council, we are committed to a significant reset — enhancing our communication, modernizing our approach, and ensuring that every aspect of our community life reflects the spirit and aspirations of our people. Your voice is our guiding light, shaping a future that is rooted in our shared values and rich heritage.
Together, we stand on the cusp of a transformative journey. The feedback you have provided is invaluable and will be the cornerstone of our decision-making process. We are dedicated to developing a more open and transparent communication with each member of our community.

Every response, question, and suggestion will be carefully considered.
We will provide feedback to each one.
Responses and updates will be made available on our new website and can also be accessed at our offices by:
January 30th, 2024.
Rest assured, every step we take will be towards a future where your hopes and visions are realized, and your voices are not just heard but are the driving force behind our collective progress.

With heartfelt appreciation,
Chief and Council
Neskonlith Indian Band

Rides will be available for both Salmon Arm and Chase! Call Shauna at the front desk to book your seat!