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Tammy Thomas

Tammy Thomas

Director of Education

As the Director of Education and Daycare, Tammy represents the first nation education challenges and successes at FNESC, FNSA, post-secondary and the school districts both locally and provincially.  Her role also includes administering the school, daycare programming and additional post-secondary proposal programs that are based on funding and partnerships with our local colleges/universities.

Tammy’s journey has involved reaching educational goals in training and certification while following through with her Indian registry, human services, counselling, administrative training and 5 year term on council.  She is a member of the Neskonlith Switzmalph Community, a loyal and dedicated team leader, gaining most of her experience while working with the education and daycare department for nearly 20 years.  Her personal life keeps her grounded with grandchildren and 2 daughters, who keep her busy, while volunteering with the families Cultural Society and many pow-wows.

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