Merry Christmas

We bring to you an important update regarding our Christmas  support plan, courtesy of a collaboration effort between the Neskonlith Indian Band and Sk’atsin, our economic development corporation.

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Important Notice!

Indian Band Christmas Support Update

Dear Community Members,

As January draws to a close, the Neskonlith Indian Band is eager to share important updates about our Christmas Support Check program, a joint venture with Sk’atsin, our economic development corporation. Our goal is to extend holiday support to all our members.

Ongoing Application Opportunity We are pleased to announce that we have transitioned to a continuous application process for the Christmas Support Check. Members who haven’t applied yet are encouraged to do so at their earliest convenience.

Bi-Weekly Review for Prompt Assistance In our commitment to providing efficient support, we will now process applications every two weeks. This systematic approach ensures that we can quickly and effectively meet the needs of our community members.

Inclusive Support for Our Community This initiative is open to all members, both on-reserve and off-reserve, who are 19 years of age or older. If you need assistance with your application, our team is here to help. Contact us at (250) 679-3295 ext: 227 for any assistance required.

Collection Details for IR#2 and IR#3 Residents Members residing in IR#2 and IR#3 can collect their checks in person at the Education “Computer Lab” and the Melamen Center, respectively.

We are dedicated to refining this process to better serve you. Your cooperation and active participation in this initiative are greatly appreciated. We understand this is a new endeavor for Neskonlith and thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Reach Out for Further Assistance For any queries or additional information, please contact the main office at (250) 679-3295. Leave your inquiry and contact details, and we will ensure your message reaches the right department.

This year, the Neskonlith Indian Band, in collaboration with Sk’atsin, is offering support cheques of $250 to our community members in lieu of traditional Christmas hampers. This initiative, prompted by the special circumstances of this year, requires us to update our member information accurately.

It’s crucial we all come together to ensure everyone in our community is included and receives support during this festive season.

By filling out this form, you help us ensure that no one is missed in our support distribution. We encourage community members to spread the word about this form.

Let's Celebrate Together

Holiday Support and Member Information Update Form

If anyone is unable to complete it online, please call our office for assistance (250) 679-3295 ext: 227 As per Chief and Council this is for ages 19+ This is available for on reserve and off-reserve membership There’s in person pick up available for IR#2 and IR#3 at the Education “Computer Lab” and the Melamen Center respectively. We will release more details on the specifics in the near future for pickup dates.

A special Season of Giving

This year, we’ve adapted our holiday support to reflect the unique circumstances we find ourselves in, ensuring that every member of our community feels valued and supported. This adaption is a testament to our community’s  resilience and our collective effort to celebrate the season in a way that resonates with everyone.
Stay tuned for more updates and instructions on the cheque distribution process. Your cooperation and participation are greatly appreciated.

Wising Everyone a joyful and festive holiday season!